• CMP AUTOMOTIVE Group client portfolio is made up of the major global automotive companies, ranging from vehicle manufacturers (OEM) to Tier 1 companies.

  • CMP AUTOMOTIVE Group clients are major automotive manufacturers, with whom there is a strong relationship based on long-term contracts for manufacturing antivibration systems, sealing systems, JIT (“Just In Time”) assemblies for global platforms and plastic compound cable coating. Duration of the contracts range for 5/7 years and aftermarket periods, reaching up to 15 years.

  • CMP AUTOMOTIVE Group is a strategic partner of Clients. In conjunction with the manufacturer´s engineering, it takes part in designing and development the products (Keiretsu system), which acts as an competitive advantage in the market.

  • CMP AUTOMOTIVE awareness of the need to be present in the main manufacturing hubs of the world by its geographical diversification. In addition, CMP AUTOMOTIVE Group has the resources that encompass the whole production process, from designing the product to supplying to the vehicles assembly lines .